Area coaches react to passing of Texas icon Dave Campbell

Cover photo courtesy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football.

On Friday, legendary media icon Dave Campbell passed away in Waco at the age of 96.

He founded Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine in 1960 and still served as its editor-in-chief up until his death.

On Saturday, coaches across the Big Country shared their memories of Campbell.

“When the name Dave Campbell is mentioned, you automatically think of Texas high school football. I am very thankful for what he has done for Texas high school football. I didn’t have many conversations with Mr. Campbell but every time I did, I felt blessed. He will be missed.”
— Hawley’s Mitch Ables

“The impact he has had on Texas high school football goes beyond the game. You’re talking about changing communities and creating conversations at the dinner table and coffee shops all over the state of Texas for years now. He has left an everlasting mark on this great game, by reaching every community, small and large. He was a difference maker!”
— Comanche’s Joaquin Escobar

“Part of every kid’s dream is to find his name printed in Dave Campbell’s magazine.”
— Anson’s Chris Hagler

“People all over the country realize what a huge role high school football plays in our culture here in Texas. Dave Campbell was the very core of that culture. If high school football was important to you, and you lived in Texas, you knew Dave Campbell.”
— Sweetwater’s Russell Lucas

“Dave Campbell will always be the face of Texas high school football. His vision and passion has made football in Texas the crown jewel. His impact is immeasurable and he will be truly missed. May God bless his family and friends. Thank you, Mr. Campbell. You have made so many feel special and important.”
— Brownwood’s Sammy Burnett

“Dave Campbell has been a huge influence in Texas football — from the excitement of holding his magazine for the first time each year to the positive light he has shed on the game for all of us. I am beyond grateful for the impact he has created for all of us. He will be dearly missed!”
— Clyde’s Danny Dudgeon

“Football in Texas and Mr. Campbell are synonymous! The notoriety he brought to our game is unmatched, and the impact he had on communities, players and coaches around the state will be everlasting.”
— Merkel’s Will Kates

“R.I.P. to the Ambassador of THE SPORT of Texas. I can remember reading about the Buckaroos for the first time in 1981 in our Dave Campbell magazine. I can’t remember the cover art but I believe it was UT. That was my dad’s first season as the (athletic director/head football coach) in Breckenridge. I thought I might be listed as ballboy. LOL.”
—Breckenridge’s Casey Pearce

“The true Godfather of Texas Football. The football season started when his magazine hit the stands. He was the first true evaluator of teams and players. He will always be the first to do it. True icon. R.I.P.”
— Abilene High’s Mike Fullen

“Life’s not all about football, but football is all about life. This game teaches boys how to be men, individuals how to be teammates, and prepares sons to be a good fathers. The legends of this profession like Dave Campbell are the heroes behind the greatest mentorship in modern man-making. We are all so grateful for what he did to make Texas high school football what it is today.”
— Snyder’s Wes Wood

“I was very sad to hear about the passing of Dave Campbell. Dave Campbell was a great contributor into helping build Texas high school football into the national platform it’s on today. His magazine alone greatly impacted thousands upon thousands of athletes by simply seeing their name or picture in a major magazine. His life’s work will continue to impact the sport of football.”
— Santo’s Devon Mann

“(There’s) nobody more influential in in Texas high school football than the father of TXHSFB, Dave Campbell.”
— Albany’s Denney Faith

“When you think about Texas high school football, you like to think about Dave Campbell and Texas Football magazine. The work he did through his career paved the way for the great coverage we now have of this great sport.”
— Stephenville’s Sterling Doty

“Absolutely nothing has generated more excitement or anticipation for the beginning of a new football season. I figure Mr. Campbell’s magazine had a similar impact on others as it did In my family. Great memories of me and Dad thumbing through the pages and then having the same experience with my own kids.”
— Colorado City’s Dan Gainey

“Growing up as a kid my dad and I would always have a competition to see who could find the DCTF magazine first in the store before we went on summer vacation. It seems as though what he started has always been a part of life and as a coach it still is today with the magazine and the website. He started something incredible and has grown into something even better. We thank him for everything he did for TXHSFB and he will definitely be missed. Condolences go out to his friends and family.”
— Winters’ Matt McCarty

“To me, Dave Campbell was an icon of Texas high school football. He promoted high school football and was influential in showcasing the importance and sense of camaraderie that football brings to communities both big and small. Texas high school football would not be as respected as it is today without Dave Campbell.”
— Cooper’s Aaron Roan

“Dave Campbell is one of the men who helped turn Texas High School Football into what it is today. People anticipate the release of his magazine with the same anticipation that children await the arrival of Santa.”
— Haskell’s Mitch McLemore

“No one man has played a larger role in promoting Texas High School Football and its greatness than Dave Campbell.”
— Jim Ned’s Matt Fanning

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