Big Country Preps Mission Statement

All Big Country. All high school. All the time.

If one were to summarize the reason for’s existence — boiling it all down to one word — “preservation” might be the best choice.

The website you are currently viewing is in place to preserve a consistent means of high school sports coverage within the vast expanse of West Central Texas commonly known as the Big Country.

Constructed and operated by former Abilene Reporter-News sports writers Daniel Youngblood and Evan Ren, is the culmination of more than 28 years of combined journalism experience, months of planning and a knowledge of area athletic programs that is unsurpassed by any media source in the Big Country.

It is here where a very special region of Texas’ high school athletics has found a lasting home. And it is here where Big Country high school coverage will be dictated by Big Country people.

“Big Country Preps, to me, is about one thing: making coverage of Big Country athletics local and personal again,” said Youngblood, a Baylor graduate and third-generation sports writer. “I want this to be a place where local and area sports fans can follow their teams in a way that celebrates all the things that make high school sports in this region special and unique.”

All the while, this product will evolve. It will evolve around what area coaches, players and fans are seeking — placing high value on their input. It also will retain a philosophical approach that runs contrary to that of most corporately owned newspapers.

While many in the news industry have cut their circulation areas to save money, that is a slippery slope Big Country Preps will avoid.

BCP will succeed or fail by reinvesting in the people of the area — always keeping an eye on possible expansion into bordering communities that are starving for coverage.

Where others have been reluctant to invest time, energy and resources, Big Country Preps will be aggressive.

“To me, it’s about passion and honesty,” said Ren, who worked for five years at the Killeen Daily Herald before his 12-year stint with the Reporter-News. “People can see when you care about them and they’re quick to spot something phony.

“If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and deal with people honestly, they will respond.”

All Big Country. All high school. All the time.

Welcome home.

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