EVAN REN: We’re pushing ahead at Big Country Preps — getting the the ball rolling

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” — John Lubbock

My business partner, Daniel Youngblood, is the king of not worrying.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

If NASA were to announce that an asteroid impact was imminent in 15 minutes and that Abilene would be at ground zero, anything beyond a shrug of the shoulders from Youngblood would surprise me. Of course, I wouldn’t be there to see it. I’d be 25 miles down the road with the accelerator smashed to the floor, one hand on the steering wheel and a rabbit’s foot in the other.

The recent turmoil in the world has put both of our natures on display — him letting it all roll off his back and me, well … being me.

If fate allows it, a return to normalcy is the objective here and the sooner the better. As the designated worrier at Big Country Preps, I’ve been on pins and needles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive social unrest created by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. And let’s just call it what it was — a murder.

That said, I’m currently doing my best to steal a page from the Youngblood stress-free handbook and turning my attention from our tumultuous, viral-plagued world to something I can understand: football. That means that heading into the summer months, we’ll be diving headlong into our previews for the upcoming season.

We’re forging ahead. And unless someone says otherwise, it’s business as usual for us at Big Country Preps.

This will all begin with our new “Countdown to Two-a-Days” video podcast series, which will begin on June 16 and extend into August. The countdown series will briefly touch on all 11-man teams in our coverage area, giving you a taste of what to expect from them this fall.

We’re hoping to have area coaches join us for several of these podcasts, along with a sprinkling of highlights and photos from last season.

Throughout the summer, we’ll also be hard at work prepping our comprehensive Big Country football previews and player features, (a total of more than 80 stories), which will be released in mid August. At the end of the day, nobody will produce more Big Country football material than us.

There are some added bonuses.

This school year, we’ll be adding volleyball to our fall coverage, and will expand our track coverage in the spring. This will include a mix of standings, stats, features and live coverage.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to the intensive labor. It will do my sanity a world of good.

As for Dan … it’s all good.

It always is.

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