BREAKING NEWS: Morton’s choice of Texas Tech an easy one


Behren Morton

EASTLAND — Eastland junior quarterback Behren Morton officially announced on Tuesday that he will sign with Texas Tech University. 

Still only a junior, Morton narrowed the field of several possible candidates to Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU and Tech, before finally settling on the Red Raiders.

“I sat down with my family after this last week after we went to Baylor, and we decided where the best place for me to play would be,” Morton said. “We all agreed 100 percent that it was Texas Tech. 

“We just numbered them down and decided that Tech would be the best move.”

Morton, who currently leads the Big Country in passing, with 1,607 yards and 16 touchdown passes, has hit 92 of 140 attempts (.657) thus far, and has hit 14 different receivers. 

After splitting playing time at quarterback with a teammate as a freshman, Morton emerged as a major talent as a sophomore last season, throwing for 2,676 yards and 18 scores. 

It was at this point when Division I collegiate attention began cropping up from all over the place.

“I was not expecting that at all,” Morton said. “One of my friends actually told me about what college camps to go to and I decided I’d go to a mini camp at Tech and they showed a lot of interest. It was at that point that I thought I could play Division I football.” 

For Morton, announcing his commitment was a relief of sorts — finally putting an end to a seemingly endless barrage of “have you decided yet?” questions. It also ends the heavy pursuit he was under from schools as far away as Southern California and Washington State.

For those who are wondering, Morton’s father, Eastland coach James Morton, did his best not to influence his son’s decision, preferring to ask him questions, rather than constantly giving him advice. 

“Being a coach and having seen kids go through this process, I’ve seen (fathers) who tried to lead them in the right direction,” coach Morton said. “A lot of times it worked, but there’s going to be the bump in the road.

“I always felt that if the student didn’t have ownership in that decision and it was somebody else’s, then when that bump in the road happens, it always back to, “That’s what everyone wanted me to do,’ instead of ‘That’s what I wanted to do.’

“So from that standpoint, I told him he had to own the decision. They’re all great (schools), but there’s going to be something that will happen along the way to question whether he made the right decision or not. If he has ownership in the decision, then he’s more likely to push through that when the tough times do hit.” 

Actually, the decision wasn’t nearly as taxing as the process itself. 

“I didn’t really want to do this during the season, but it was the best time for me to commit right now,” Behren said. “I’m still in high school. I’m still a junior and I’m going to be playing next year for the Eastland Mavericks. 

“I’m really not worried about Tech. I’m committed to Tech but I’m also committed to the Mavericks until I graduate, so I’m just going to focus on what we’re doing here in Eastland.” 

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