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Where is the best game this week? (Week 3)


I should mention I do football coverage for a website called http://www.TheOldCoach.Com

It has been an awesome couple of weeks so far, and I really enjoy it. While most of the coverage is in the DFW area, I know there are some great games in the Big Country. I am very tempted to go to Cisco vs. Breckenridge this week, but what do you think?

I don't have a way to post a poll here, but let me know by replying to this thread what game you think I should go to. I'll make a decision on Wednesday. Thanks for your help in advance!



DeLeon vs Dublin,  both are 2-0, and being located close together makes for a good rivalry.

Balinger vs Colorado City, again both teams are 2-0. Both are solid 3AD2 teams, a good matchup I believe but you never know.

There is another game that has my attention though, I'll let you guess which one 😆😆😆




If De Leon has everyone back by Friday, that should be a great game. They are off to a 2-0 start, with both wins coming against 3A teams. However, Dublin is 4-0 against De Leon since 2004.

Thanks for the feedback. Due to the wife having a removal of her appendix, I'm staying home this week to help take care of her. I be back on the road next week. Thanks again.


Sorry to hear that Lew. Hope your wife is feeling better!

I bet the stadium at Dublin was rocking last night! I figured Dublin would give DeLeon a good game, but never saw that score coming.

Ballinger lost in a close one to a very good Colorado City team, there is a chance these two will meet up again come playoff time! Ballinger will be coming to Cisco to kick off district play in two weeks, I expect them to be Cisco's biggest challenge in district 4.

Cisco looked pretty good against Breckenridge, capitalizing on two turnovers early never hurts, lol. The Loboes definitely have the potential to be something special this year. Would have enjoyed seeing the matchup with Wall but we can't really complain about getting the rains 😁

Speaking of Wall, sounds like their game with Midland Christian would have been a good one to watch!


Wow, where did 2018 go?


Looking forward to another season of football in 2019! I'm pumped!