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Feedback - Former Clyde, Sweetwater coach Craig Slaughter enjoying role as Wall DC

I really enjoyed the article Evan did on Coach Craig Slaughter.

I remember when Sweetwater hired Coach Slaughter and I remember how good his resume was when he came from Clyde. For whatever reason, (which is none of my business), he was only there a couple of years but the article pinpointed to a few reasons he left.

"Carrying an 85-84 overall record as a head coach (including a stint at Hearne), Slaughter had the difficult task of transitioning Sweetwater from a wishbone offense to a more diverse I-based attack during his tenure with the Mustangs. A 1-9 opening season was followed by back-to-back 4-6 marks while attempting to introduce a passing game to a program that was completely steeped in the option.

But just as Slaughter had begun to solidify a foundation, the opportunity at Llano surfaced." 

So now I see what happened. In fact, that formation that Slaughter brought to Sweetwater is still used today I believe. I know Coach Slaughter is a hard worker and he certainly has the Hawks in the right place. I guess my impression is, some folks are great coaches, and then some folks make great assistant coaches.  Coach Slaughter has found his niche. Who can ask for anything more?

"Never pay for the same real estate twice" General George S. Patton

"Never pay for the same real estate twice" General George S. Patton