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Coaching: You win then move on

It's a never ending food chain.

If you are a coach  in Texas, you get in a respectable town and coach a team in to the playoffs.

You do that enough and you move up in the rankings. Do that enough, and one day you may play for a state championship. You get noticed. You have moved to the top of that food chain. All of a sudden a new school offers you a new job as their coach, thinking you have the talent to bring a state championship to their town.

I understand coaches have a right to better themselves, move wherever and make better money. I get that. But what about the town. What about the kids that invested in your life? The kids that have changes from 12th to 7th grade? Learning new plays, learning a new coaching staff,  starting from scratch.

Football is king in Texas. When you succeed, then you get to move up the food chain and introduce yourself to a new town and ask that town to buy in to your program.

It never ends.

"Never pay for the same real estate twice" General George S. Patton