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3-3 Stack, 4-2-5??

In our travels thus far, we're finding more and more small school teams ditching the 3-3 stack and 4-2-5 defensive schemes this season in favor of the old-fashioned 3-4, 4-3 and "50" fronts.

That can only mean one thing: We're seeing fewer spread attacks among the smaller schools, many of which lack the depth to go up-tempo and still play solid D.

As I said in another post, we're seeing a few more wing-T/slot-T looks around the area, so we may be seeing a major shift to more old-fashioned football in Class 3A/2A.




I agree. One of the drawbacks to running an up tempo spread offense is a lot of the skill players are often two-way players. When you can score in 3-4 plays and take 40 secs of the clock, you aren't getting much rest and then fatigue/injuries becomes an issue.  Also, state championships have been won with old school wing-T/slot-T offenses.